The Rise of eGaming: From Casual Gamers to Megastars

The Meaning of E Gaming

Just like sports fans enjoy watching their favorite athletes play, millions of gamers watch eSports competitors play video games. The industry is booming, with billions of dollars worth of prize money up for grabs.

Despite the stereotype of an overweight teenager gaming in his mother’s basement, gaming is big business. Newzoo estimates that the market will generate revenue of $152 billion in 2021.


e gaming is the world of competitive video gaming. Streamed live to millions of online fans, competitors in different leagues or teams square off in household games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Counterstrike, Call of Duty and NFL Madden. This burgeoning international phenomenon is worth billions of dollars per year and has turned casual gamers into megastars who can earn seven-figure salaries and massive brand endorsements.

Unlike most mainstream professional sports, which favour particular body types and physicality, eSports have a much wider player pool. Nevertheless, players must possess a high level of skill and focus to compete.

Often, eSports take place in sold-out arenas while millions of spectators watch the action on giant screens. The first letter e in “eSports” stands for electronic, which is a nod to the digital age and a way to differentiate them from traditional sports. In addition to traditional game consoles, eGaming can also refer to board games and toys that use electronics to function.

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